7 Tips to optimise images for google image search

When you are expressing your thought on something then if you can include some relevant images then the content becomes much more attractive and the viewers find it much more interesting. But while uploading image you have to make sure that the image is optimised else it will serve no purpose.  You can ask yourself the [...]

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Giveaway: FREE .COM Domain Name + 1Year Hosting

Giveaways are always been tempting me, so i decided to offer the giveaways specially for BloggingIdeas Readers. Hope you are excited too about it, come Let's try your luck and win a FREE .COM Domain name + 1GB Linux Web Hosting for complete 1 Year for Free. As blogging is evolving as great platform for making [...]

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8 tips to save Bandwidth and get more Visitors

Bandwidth - A Single word but has the whole online world in it. You and me have will have to agree on this statement, Because for us who are Online Entrepreneurs our daily visitors means a lot. If you are gaining a good number of visitors every day but what if your website suddenly goes down [...]

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Interesting Facts about Social Media (Infographic)

In today's world, where everything is getting online either it is a pin or it can be Aeroplane. :D In this fast moving world which is on the shoulders of internet you cannot Ignore the Power of Social Media. Before discussing its power let us discuss what social media is and after that we will let [...]

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9 handpicked reasons why need a website today

Having website is much important now a days. If your business is not online than very soon you are going to be out of focus as now almost each and every businessman wants a website. There are many questions comes in mind which need a clear answers. Why need a Website? Do My Business really need a [...]

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Domain and Hosting giveaway for BloggingCage readers

Giveaways are exciting!   We at GetSetLive keeps on working hard on finding stuff which interests you most, so we frequently plan Domain and Hosting Giveaway in some form and this time its for Bloggers. Blogging is evolving as such a great platform to start making money online, so more and more people are showing interest [...]

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5 Reasons to have Live Chat on Website

There are tons of reasons to have Live Chat on website, as quality customer service is very important for the success of your online business. Your existing customers will become most vocal advocate and helps grow your customer base on your behalf. Live Chat on website can play an important role to make the customer experience [...]

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Branded Email Address is Bound to Make an Impact in your Business

Communication plays a momentous role in business. The success and failure of any business rely on what and how you communicate with your customers. It says oodles regarding the degree of professionalism and the standard of quality being rendered to the customers. Thus, there is no choice to neglect the indispensability of a branded email addresses [...]

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Must Follow Steps for Website Development Life Cycle

Akin to the process of Software Development, Website Development Life Cycle can be divided into a series of steps that would effectively yield a superlative quality website. It’s crucial to divide the whole process of website development life cycle into different stages in order to achieve the goal of a successful website development. Each step in [...]

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