GetSet.Host seems Perfect to Us

Yes GetSet.Host seems really perfect to us for GetSetLive Hosting. We we excited since the launch of .host TLD and now we too have presence on it. Under a special program run by .Host Registry we are one of the selected companies in the world to get an opportunity to register GetSet.Host on priority. .Host is [...]

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8 Reasons to have Mobile Website for Business

According to a latest survey by Google, nearly 70% of the consumers utilise mobile-friendly websites for their requirements. Latest trends show that more than half of the online searches occurs on a device other than a laptop or a desktop computer. It’s not a surprise that majority of the searches are being done through either mobile [...]

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301 Permanent vs 302 Temporary Redirect

What is Redirection? For a website The Redirections is a technique of moving both users and search engines from old url to new url. For the deep study about the URL Redirection check the wiki article here. 301 Permanent vs 302 Temporary Redirect these are two most common redirections used and lets compare each one over other with real time [...]

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How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Before Proceeding for the redirection make sure the SSL Certificate is properly installed on Hosting Server, and the website is resolving on without any errors. Note: The Website will work on or or, depending on the Common Name for which the SSL has been issued issued. Resolving HTTPS on anything other than this Common Name [...]

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