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Frequently Asked Questions?

G Suite is a collection of intelligent apps that provide businesses a low-priced, trustworthy, and protected platform to communicate and collaborate. The genesis of G Suite stems from the fact that organizations of all types need a supportive messaging mechanism to remain in touch with their stakeholders irrespective of their location. G Suite includes Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar that helps connect people. Essentially, the G Suite solution ensures a seamless two way communication that furthers the overall objectives of a business.
Your data is completely safe if you switch to G Suite. The data is saved on Google’s servers which are away from harm’s way. G Suite safety features are designed by the best brains in the industry. The data hosted on G Suite is duplicated at a secondary server on a real-time basis so there is no loss of information. Thus, as a G Suite user, you can have complete peace of mind with regard to safety and privacy of your data.
A Google user can access many of the applications like Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Docs that are available on G Suite. While these communication and collaboration applications appear similar, the ones available on G Suite boast of enhancements and latest technological upgrades. There is thus a functional difference between G Suite email account and a normal Gmail account.
Yes, it is possible to transfer all emails and calendar events to G Suite. The transfer of data and other information is possible for all users who are upgrading to G Suite. As an administrator, you simply need to issue commands to import your mail, contact list, and calendar events to G Suite.
Getting a G Suite account without a domain in your name is not possible. Therefore, a domain is essential to get a G Suite account. One needs to verify the ownership of the domain before getting to G Suite. In case, you do not have a domain in your name, you could buy one from a domain hosting company before applying for a G Suite account.
Setting up a G Suite account is easy and fast. As a user, you just have to sit back and relax while our highly skilled and experienced professionals do the job for you. Typically, the basic set up which entails configuring the Gmail account takes around 2 hours. The rest of the set up is dependent on, among other aspects, the amount of data to be transferred and the number of users migrating to G Suite.
Yes, it is possible to manage multiple domains with G Suite. In case the organization operates different domains, all these can be added to the G Suite that can be managed by the same admin console. The domain so added can be accessed as a separate domain or domain alias. All the applications of G Suite can be accessed by a single company. The icing on the cake is that all this can be done without incurring any additional cost.
The admin console is empowered to turn off or modify the services available on G Suite. Thus you have complete control over what your employees can use and cannot use.
All you need to do is forward your free Gmail to your G Suite Gmail account. In this way, the emails will land in your new G Suite account inbox even if they were sent to the old Gmail account. In this way, you can continue to use your personal (free) Gmail account.
You may get in touch with G Suite Support/Administrator for any kind of assistance. The queries can be resolved via phone, chat, and email. Moreover, users can get free G Suite help online via customer forum and help center.
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