How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

//How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

How to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

In my day to day routine of meeting Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Professionals etc. I have seen many of them uses their email on or even if they have their own Domain Name registered.

To be very honest, it seems outdated .but the good idea is to use domain specific email address like as it shows more professionalism and gives more authenticity to your brand.

There are many options out there in the market on how to create email id with own Domain Name and few of the best free & paid options are explained below for you.

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Free methods to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

1. Free Email ID with own Domain Name

In this digital world its very common that people have their own Domain Name for business, personal or professional use. If you still don’t have one you can Register Domain Name from here, and you will get 2 basic email accounts free with it.

Free Email ID with Domain Name

No matter from where you buy your Domain Name majorly all the good domain providers gives you 1 or 2 email ID’s Free with each Domain Name and If you are just starting its a good way to save you money.

In this method there are few limitations depending on the provider. The major constraint which i have seen is the disk space, usually you get  Disk Space in MBs which is very less and once you grow they ask you to upgrade to premium version.

To be very honest it’s pretty enough space to start with and migrate later as when required to higher version.

2. Free Email ID with Web Hosting

while buying Domain Names, most of the times you tends to buy hosting along with it, either it could be Linux Hosting with cPanel or Windows Hosting with Plesk control panel you do get Email ID’s free with it depending on which plan we choose to buy.

Free Email ID with Web Hosting

Along with hosting you may get Unlimited FREE Email Accounts from the provider, but you need to believe into fact that nothing comes unlimited with limited price. Every hosting provider put some soft limitations behind the scenes which you need to check with them personally.

In Hosting email you generally get options to manage your emails with 3 email clients Horde, RoundCube and Squirrel Mail and i personally like RoundCube because of its clean & clear design/layout although all of them are very simple to use.

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Free Email ID with Web Hosting

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Paid methods to Create Email ID with own Domain Name

Above we have checked the free methods to have email id on own domain name, in this i will be sharing the paid methods to have your own professional email id on your own domain name.

There are many premium options available in the market to host your email ID and i will be sharing few of the best methods starting from the option with nominal price for individual and ranging up to higher side for enterprises.

3. Open Xchange Email ID with Own Domain Name

OpenXchange is simple & powerful email solution which gives a professional makeover with email id on your own domain name. It is basically an open source email software which is installed by service provider on server and delivers you the best in class email service on your domain name.

Open Xchange Business Email

You can check our Open Xchnage email plans here which comes with 5GB of Disk Space, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks,  Intuitive & Responsive Designs which works across devices, Inbuilt Virus Protection, Social Media Inbox and with 100% uptime and Security. This option is really inexpensive to have an email id on own domain name which costs around INR 50 or ~.80$ /user/month 

4. Google Apps Email ID with own Domain Name

Google Apps for Work

There are many web services which offers domain based email address, and one of the best in the market is Google Apps for Business.

I personally use Google Apps for my personal use at and business use at and i always recommend each one to use it!

Google Apps for Business comes with Professional Email, Online Storage, Shared Calendars, Video Meetings and more which is build for business and designed for teams. I personally believe with google apps you get one professional looking email ID which can be used across google products & services.

Google Apps for work costs around 5$ user/month for United States customer and INR125 /user/month for Indian users.

Sign up for Google Apps for Work

Sign up directly for Google Apps for Work

You can directly Signup for Google Apps account here and you need to do Domain mapping, DNS configuration like tasks which falls little bit on technical side. If you don’t want to take a pain to do that, the best alternate is to go with any Authorised Google Apps Reseller where they will do everything for you professionally.

googleWe here at GetSetLive are Google Apps Authorised Reseller, where we get you the same Google Apps business mail and setup everything for you from scratch without any extra cost and even offers you post configuration support. We recommend you to use 1 Month Free Trial for Google Apps which will help you understand the product better.

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5. Microsoft Office 365 Email ID with own domain name

Microsoft Office365

Microsoft Office 365 email solution is purely for business use, as Microsoft has taken all their office tools on to cloud associating with email. In Office365  you can have professional looking email id with own domain name similar to any other option above.

As office 365 is catered to medium and large business they are expensive than Google Apps. Its basic only email package starts at ~10$ /user/month and you can bundle up the features as per your need.

This is the best if you are looking solution for large organisation, as this is complete business productivity suite but not only email. It includes email, Microsoft office word, excel, powerpoint, Skype etc license in single user fee.  You can check more details about this directly on Microsoft office365 website.

Why to have Email ID with own Domain Name

Now you know all the possible methods to have email id on own domain name, but it is more important to understand the importance to have that.

We generally buy domain name to have website on it, the website which represents your brand. I believe an email is the only tool which you use every when and then on daily basis. Any time you send or receive email the other person comes to now about your brand mentioned in email address.

The average email costs you ~2$ /user/month which is actually less than a cost for one beer or coffee and i hope this email gets you more money in comparison.

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