How to Upgrade Blog to Target Mobile Demographic?

//How to Upgrade Blog to Target Mobile Demographic?

Digging into Google Analytics shows a pattern. The pattern is the rising number of blog visitors from mobiles or smartphones. In other words, it’s a giant in the making and as a blogger, you have to take cognizance of them.

On 21 April 2015, Google introduced the “mobile-friendly” update, according to which, blog pages that are optimized for mobile viewing will get better preference in search ranking.

Mobile Friendly Blog


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There is no getting around them as people from all walks of life use mobile devices for a number of tasks.  Web surfing, reading, paying bills and shopping are some of the functions that can be performed using a smartphone.

There are many ways a blog can make use of the huge and exponentially growing mobile market for multiple benefits.

  • Is your blog optimized for mobile users?
  • Are you able to generate sales from blog, especially from mobile visitors?

Here are few recommended ways:

Get the Facts

Tablets, smartphones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are designed to hold all types of data and unlike the devices from the 1990s and early 2000s; they can show clear images of products, streaming videos and more.

If you are not a user of these, it is in your best interest to look into the features that are offered and finding a method that will help you to connect with your target demographic.

Also, look at how your competition is using mobile marketing.  Take notes and stay abreast of laws that may affect what you can and cannot publish using this platform.

Draft Marketing Ideas

You may have an e-book or other digital upload that you can giveaway or sell for a drastically low price.  On the other hand, test new items for popularity or something in your current inventory that has been slow in sales.

By picking about 3-5 items that you feel will work in a mobile marketing campaign, you can sum up in a few words what is great about these products.  On a side note, describe how these may suit the needs of your audience.

If you plan to use images, make sure they a formatted to a thumbnail size and are clear.  One idea may be to use a photo-editing program and reducing the resolution so that it will upload easily.  This feature may be called ‘Web’, which reduces the size and resolution instantly.

Writing Effective Blog CTA

If you have written ads for Twitter or Google AdWords, then you know that you have a limited amount of space to sell your goods or service.


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Though most phones may vary when it comes to the amount of space to be used, check with your host to find out available options.

Generally, the number of characters used is 156, which is a little more generous than what Twitter allows. The 16-character difference can be used to insert high-ranking keywords that will draw more traffic to what you have to offer.

Let’s just suppose that you have a blog on anti-aging. Here are some examples on using an anti-aging product targeted to women over 45 years of age.

  • Article Marketing –

Many women dread getting wrinkles.  While many are proud of getting older (as well as wiser), there are options that do not involve surgery.

  • Image Ad [Include before and after pictures] –

Find out how she did this without surgery or chemicals. Get your free sample now, as supply is limited!

  • Text Ad –

Get smooth skin without surgery or chemicals. Enjoy wrinkle-free skin without side effects or discomfort. Click for a free sample that gives instant results!

Headlines should grab attention right away.  Whether you use a call-to-action in the headline or toward the end, be sure to include it.

Blog content should be relatable and address the issue right away. While there are some issues that should be handled with delicacy and tact (such as the above example), it should also be believable as well as factual.

Anyone can write an ad that delivers outrageous promises but when ads are written with diplomacy in mind, it will give the reader the impression that your brand cares about the reader’s needs as opposed to just making a sale.

Getting the Word Out                                     

First, you need to let people know that they have the option to receive special deals that are only available via mobile devices.

Create an interesting letter for your email contacts, social media followers and those who have commented on your articles or guest blog posts. Encouraging that these contacts share this information will also increase your traffic for this type of campaign.

You can also create a section on your blog or website that lets visitors enter their mobile information.  If you have a new campaign in the works, you can also use this to let people know they can receive exclusive offers not advertised anywhere else.

Each method of communication should give the reader a feeling of importance.

Testing Different Methods

Like any other marketing tool, find out how people are responding and how they were referred to your site.  Additionally, find out how many of these leads are actually converting into sales.

If sales are slow, you can run your promotion again with the offer of a free download as an additional incentive.  This should make a difference and you can alternate this campaign as often as you like.  If not, it may be time to assess your customer’s needs.

Keeping Interest Active of Blog Readers

You have the power to change things up as you wish.  For instance, you can offer a free e-book or podcast excerpt for a period of 24 hours or the entire weekend.  If they respond later, have an alternate price available that is reduced by 25-50% off the regular selling price.

Once in a while, you can conduct short surveys that may be completed via mobile device only.  As an incentive, send them a sample of a new product that you have to offer.  This will serve the dual purpose of finding out what they need and discovering if your new product is worthy of being included in your current inventory.

Staying Organized

While it is okay to rotate products, you should introduce at least two new products a year; whether the products are yours or you’re an affiliate doesn’t matter.  This way, your campaigns will remain fresh and people will continue to visit your site.

Another matter to keep track of is which customers are getting the freebies.  Using Excel or another spreadsheet program, you can create a simple form that shows their name, email address, name of product and date of purchase.

This can be used to document what is moving, what is being converted into sales and if customers are returning.

Being able to sell in this manner takes time and some patience but it is a sure way to encourage a solid relationship with those who are interested in your blog brand.

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