Interesting Facts about Social Media (Infographic)

//Interesting Facts about Social Media (Infographic)

In today’s world, where everything is getting online either it is a pin or it can be Aeroplane. ­čśÇ

In this fast moving world which is on the shoulders of internet you cannot Ignore the Power of Social Media. Before discussing its power let us discuss what social media is and after that we will let you know how you can increase your clients list by using Social Media.

What is exact meaning of Social Media?

If we move around five to ten years back we can imagine a group of people sitting together on a place where they visit frequently. It may be any Park or any other place where they arrange there get together and enjoy. But what if one of your friend is Out of town or Out of country..??? He/She may miss the get together but in today’s world you can make him participate with you or say your can make your group Online..!!

Here comes the power of Social Media..!! Human is a Social Animal. He loves to make new friends.Today you may be anywhere, anyone can reach you anytime..!! Just because of this fact it attracts Various Companies to sell their product as they can find their customers anywhere,anytime and almost everywhere..!!

Here we are presenting an interesting facts about Social Media with Infographic in 2013 powered by Not only Facebook and Twitter but there are a lot more of Social Media Platforms which came into existence.

Social Media Facts 2013

Infographic source: Visually


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  1. Nikhil July 22, 2015 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Hello sir,

    Awesome stats of all the popular social media platforms. If “Please RT” phrase get me more re-tweets then I am going to use it for my twitter account.

    I want to ask you about your strategy. In all of the above social networks which one do you prefer most?

    Thanks for Sharing

    Never Stop……….Keep trying…..

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