Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

//Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

Why buy from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

Google Apps for Business is one the best cloud based productivity tool available in the market, in the past few years many small and large enterprise has opted for Google Apps for work . In recent articles i discussed Why to use Google Apps for Business, which will give you more clarity on usability of this productivity tool.

As you now know why to use google apps, the next step is to know how to buy google apps. There are 2 options either you go directly to Google Apps website and signup directly  or choose any partner who is an Authorised Google Apps Reseller. If you want to go with first option of direct signup you can follow this step by step guide to setup google apps but if you want to go for second option lets discuss the benefits of it below.

Benefits of buying from Authorised Google Apps Reseller

Google Apps Reseller SealIn this i will help you out to discuss the benefits of buying Google Apps from Authorised Google Apps Reseller. You might be wondering how you will authenticate the reseller, i will explain you about this later on in this article.

Note: Even Google recommends engagement with partners for Google Apps support as google says partners as a critical component of the customer local experience.

1. Better Experience

Google main focus is to develop best in calls product and make resellers to deliver best in class experience to customers.

  • Resellers provide services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of the Google Apps suite, ease the initial setup, migration, customization, and ongoing user experience.
  • Google has planned this program to give better experience to their customer though Reseller on billing, support, communication and customised services.
  • Resellers are easily approachable by customer and can commute with customer in native language to give personal experience.

2. Post Sale Support

Post sales support is the core component of resellers by ensuring that customer is fully deployed. In this reseller will help you in account creation / deletion, Managing Apps access with ongoing consultation.

Google has given their Resellers a console that allows partners to centrally create, administer, and manage all customer accounts, manage ordering, view order and invoice history, handle billing, and directly manage support cases with customers.

3. User Training

User training which is overlooked by maximum organisation is the actual key to the lock of productivity,  May be your employees have used gmail and they know it well , but do they regularly use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides? Are they familiar with Google Drive? Are they comfortable leaving their legacy mail system behind? Proper training on the product will really increase the productivity of each individual in your organisation.

Majorly all the good reseller provide the user training to their customer, so that they can use the product in better way and know how they can increase their productivity.

4. No Technical Skills Required

To setup google apps you need technical skills to set it up like Domain Mapping, DNS Configuration etc. But if you go with Reseller you need not require any technical skills to do that because reseller takes care of everything for you. If you are not technical its always recommended to buy it from the Reseller.

5. Same Price better services

There is no difference in the product and pricing either you buy it directly form google or reseller but the best is that you get better services. Generally you get the same amount to pay to reseller which you were suppose to pay google, but with reseller you get many services which comes along with it.

6. Migration Expertise

Of course the most obvious benefit of working with a reseller is the Google Apps migration expertise they provide. Good resellers do migration from various other platforms to Google ensuring that you are intact with your data. But you can not expect this free from the reseller as it costs manpower and here is the reseller earning cake.

How to Authenticate Google Apps Reseller

Google make partnership with the companies who have proven their competency in Google Apps. They have different level of partnership depending on what expertise the firm have.

You as a customer can authenticate google apps reseller from the seal they put it on website. Can also find the list of reseller in you local region from the google app partner search section.

Free Google Apps Trial

Google Apps offer FREE 1 month trial, where you can explore the product and check in organisation feasibility use. After the trial you will be charged $2.5 /user/month

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We are authorised Goole App Reseller

As it is already explained why to buy from authorised google apps reseller, now here what we can give you along with it is mentioned below:

  1. We have experienced team to process the google apps orders and accept any challenges in the process of integration and migration of any mail services.
  2. We speedily resolve any issues related to integration of your domain name to Google Mail Servers and ensure that your domain is pointed to Google MX and do not have any DNS issues.
  3. All support is quick and online by email , phone and Live chat.
  4. We complete the Google Apps integration process with your domain with in no time on receipt of your confirmed order
  5. Our team also includes Certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist and their expertise cover Deployment planning ,Data migrations and many more.
  6. Our team includes Certified Google Apps Sales Specialists and they have deep knowledgeof  Google Apps and have ability to understand exact requirement and consult right solution to you.
  7. As a authorized google Apps Partner , we will escalate your support issues to google on your behalf for instant resolution.
  8. We have expertise in delivering training sessions for Google Apps end-users which contributes towards your business growth.
  9. We provide us you array of Online and Offline Payment options.You can pay us at your utmost convenience method via NEFT , Debit Card, Credit card, Paytm , paypal  etc.


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