8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

//8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog Link Building 3: Pay a Leading Blogger to Write for You

Pay A Blogger

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Bring a popular and famous blogger into your team for brand engagement and backlinks.

If you know any popular and famous blogger in your niche, contact the person to write for your blog and offer to pay for the same.

What happens is when such a blogger contributes; he/she brings their experience, skills and social media followers on the website publishing them. Their genuine industry insights and opinions will work wonders for your readership.

Just because the influential blogger has written on your website, your domain is likely to see a burst of natural links because others are going to read and share them automatically.

The post is most likely to get natural and non-commercial links connecting to the blog post rather than the homepage.


Follow this simple process.

  • Identify influential bloggers in your niche.
  • Check their writing and readership, for instance, social media sharing.
  • Connect with them and network.
  • After some time, invite them to write on your blog and offer a fee for your time.
  • If they accept, collaborate for content production and request them to share in their social networks.

…that’s it!


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