8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

//8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog Link Building 5: Refreshing Old & Successful Content

Repurpose content

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Reviving old content is a fool-proof way to build backlinks.

Refreshing old and successful content is all about breathing new life to old content sitting somewhere deep down website.

All you have to do is search for a piece of content which got good feedback back when it was published, revise it and publish again.

You can write an ‘update’ post or revise the existing one. If the content got good feedback and links that time, it is most likely to receive now also.

The links you get from this activity are editorial links because it is content-based. The backlinks will not be keyword-based and will point to internal pages but the value remains intact. It is as valuable as a homepage link.


Follow this process to utilize the method and you can watch this video too.

  • Search Google for your website-related topics and append an additional word such as “whitepaper” or “guide”.
  • Use date range to filter search results.
  • Use the ensuing results to find interesting pieces of content.
  • Use the SEOmoz toolbar to check how many links the pages got that time.
  • Once you finalize a piece of content, check whether similar content has been covered by anyone else or not in the recent years.
  • If not, start working on the idea with new data and design.
  • Once complete, publish it. Reach out to the people who linked to the old piece of content and motivate them to link to the updated version. Follow other outreach methods as usual.

Learn more about repurposing content here.


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