8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

//8 Powerful Ways to Build Links for a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog Link Building 7: Discounts / Product Giveaways

Product Giveaways

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Product giveaways or discounted products helps to create organic backlinks in a small amount of time.

It can get your blog links from authority sites as well as links from varied domains. Secondly, product giveaways is a great source of data generation.

The premise is simple. Your audience receives something of value and in return, they help with popularising the blog through social shares and sometimes, with email subscriptions. It is a win-win situation.

Unless you have your own product, you partner with a vendor to give their product as a ‘giveaway’. For instance, you can partner with GetSetLive here to do a product giveaway session on your blog. Once the partnership is setup, you promote the giveaway across all channels.

The nature of backlinks will be varied. Suppose, the product giveaway is review-based so the product will receive reviews from various domains and as such, you can maintain a control on how those reviews are linked.


The process for the blogging community will be as such.

  • Evaluate the demand of the product and expected backlink value.
  • Create a blogger outreach plan.
  • Email the bloggers with a proposal.
  • If you’re launching a product, go for reviews. If it’s product partnership, go for multiple promotional methods. Either way, participants should have access to the product free-of-cost.
  • Analyze the product reviews and revert with revision requests / confirmations.
  • You get backlink/s, social shares and brand push.

This is a basic process. Modify it to suit your needs.

You need to extend reach and involve the non-blogging community as well with this process.

  • Deciding the prize.

The first step remains same as before. Decide on something which is valuable and useful for the intended audience.

You can partner with someone and giveaway their product, giveaway your own product or choose something from sites like Amazon with high competitive pricing and speedy delivery options.

  • Decide return value.

You need to decide what you want in return from the giveaway participant. You need to make the participant do something in return for the entry. You can ask the participant to:

  • ‘tweet’ about the giveaway
  • follow you on Twitter
  • sign up with the mailing list
  • refer friends to the giveaway page
  • share the giveaway on Facebook and Google+
  • ‘like’ the giveaway on Facebook
  • ‘+1’ the giveaway on Google+

To do all this, you need to setup a giveaway model. Your giveaway model should give particular focus on social shares. The giveaway model should involve sharing the giveaway link on the social profiles of participants and you can add other factors like Twitter follow and Facebook page ‘like’ to amplify reach.

Sites like Rafflecopter.com and PunchTab.com will help to achieve this. It’s free to sign up and paid plans unlock amazing features. They automate the whole giveaway machination and once done, they help to pick winner/s randomly.

The ideal time to host giveaway is 30 days.

  • Promote the giveaway.

You can use the earlier process highlighted to reach the blogging community but it is not going to be enough.

Remember that a giveaway without promotion, continued promotion, is going to be a massive flop. You need to set up some budget for paid promotion as well. Some promotion methods include:

  • Mailing List: If you already have an email list, email them with a link to the giveaway.
  • Social Media: For more traction towards the giveaway, you can start a social media advertising campaign promoting the giveaway. Facebook offers impressive paid promotion opportunities.
  • Submit on Giveaway Sites: Giveaway sites are those that list active giveaways and bring traffic to the giveaway hosting site. Get the giveaway listed on sites that cater to this segment. For instance, if your giveaway is UK-centric, you can get it listed on sites like com and Loquax.co.uk. Search for giveaway listing sites in your country and get it listed. Most listings are free-of-cost.
  • Press Release: Press releases are a cost-effective way to spread word about the giveaway and build backlinks quickly. Push a press release into the market and see magic unfolding.
  • AdWords: If you have good budget, use Google AdWords to setup a campaign with low cost competitive keywords. Read this detailed post on using AdWords.
  • Affiliates: If your product is already in the market and you are making use of affiliates, email them about the offer and let them share it to their audience. It helps to amplify reach.

…and this will be enough.

  • Picking the winner.

Once the giveaway period is over, pick the winner/s and inform via email with a time-sensitive prize claiming clause. If the winner/s doesn’t claim the prize in the given timeframe, you choose another winner.

In future, you can utilize the email list created through this giveaway to upsell other products.


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